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Prosecco is a real jewel, for this reason I would like to share with you this article, explaining the 5 reason – in my opinion – so that you need to respect the Prosecco, and the thousand of people that every day work to produce almost half a billion of bottles.

1) Simple… Not Ordinary!

Prosecco, by definition, is an easy and pleasant wine.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s an ordinary product.

It may not have born for refined situations, but its simplicity is always able to conquer every palate.

The best moment to drink it? 

During the aperitif or light dinner.

2) It’s not all the same.

The Prosecco production area is really vast.

A good part of Veneto and Friuli produces a wine tagged with wording “DOC”.

There is also two areas, in Veneto, where a better type of Prosecco comes from.

They are: Colli Asolani’s area and municipalities of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano.

In these places a superior quality of Prosecco is produced, sold at a slightly higher price.

3) It’s not all the same (parte 2).

There are those who say that Prosecco is too sweet or “soft”.

Traditionally, in fact, this sparkling wine is offered in Extra Dry version, a mildly sweet wine.

Nowadays many productors started to introduce it also in Extra Brute version, or in Zero Brut (or Brut Nature) version.

Less sugar, drier wine.

Finally also the most meticulous Sommelier can combine a Prosecco with a tasty dish.

4) Italian Pride. 

Every year, in grape harvest period, the newspapers headline are like this: “Italy beats France. We are producing more wine. “

Except denied, much of the credit for this alleged overtaking derives from the planetary success of Prosecco.

Year after year, thanks to the work of thousands of people, Prosecco’s production is increased and the export is encouraged.

5) Somewhere you even have to start.

In the past I had the chance to organize some tasting with new/future Sommelier of Shanghai and Canton.

In my tasting I always proposed simple wines to start.

First of all: Prosecco.

Then I introduced gradually more and more demanding and “fine” wines, which generally had their climax with the famous Tuscan-red that all future experts awaited with trepidation.

At the end of the tasting, generally, I offered some bottles available to participants to take photos and maybe taste again some of their favorite wine.


Every time the Prosecco do the lion’s share.

And it’s not for causality.

Prosecco is the favorite wine for people that are approaching this world, the one who takes you by the hand and makes you understand the pleasure of sipping a glass of a noble and ancient drink.

Then, if someone is interested he can gradually integrate new wines and get to know more and more refined types.

All this experience, however, it mustn’t make us forget where we started.

Nine time out of ten right from a simple, pleasant, sparkling glass of Prosecco.

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